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About Us

Omi Live is your gateway to authentic eco-friendly shopping, bridging the gap between eco-conscious Gen Z buyers and real, responsible brands, all in real-time interaction

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Small Talk

Our Story

Hello, I'm Summer. I started my journey as the founder of Omi Live when I saw the pictures of our mother nature slowly recovering with limited human activities during Covid. This has impacted my life. I always thought that I couldn't change anything in our environment, but it made me feel empowered to make small changes. Because even 1% greener matters.

There is an old Chinese saying: "Gathering sand can build a tower." Maybe for a single person, it's simply converting 1 or 2 items into more eco-friendly options, but there are 260M Americans shopping online. With Omi connecting shoppers, like you and me, with ethical businesses, it will be something significant.


Our Mission

Fix the disconnection between eco-conscious buyers and REAL responsible brands.

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Our Vision

Curate an organic system for buyers to choose greener, for streamers to create happier, and for ethical businesses to speak louder.

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